Wednesday, October 29, 2008

16 down and 6855676510 to go

Ya know - there's just somethin' immensely satisfyin' about digging through some old pics. Kinda like digging for treasure or somethin. Found a pic today of the kid a few years ago when we did the punkin' patch thing. I remember the day - it was grand.

Now - a few years later - the kid is growin' up. Which brings us to today's noteworthy item - the after school dance. Yes boys & girls - the kid had his very first school dance. At the tender age of 12, the report when he came home started with "I did two slow-dances!" - said with that non-chalant "low voice" he puts on when he is REALLY keen on something but tries to stay very kewl about it. *grin

The wife and I dig in a little deeper.

"Oh - and how did you 'slow dance'?" we ask.

"Waist and shoulders." he says.

The wife is particularly alarmed. You see - as far as she is concerned, she only shot the kid outa the chute a couple 'a days ago so he's still a baby in her eyes.

I'm not that much different I guess. Although.... I dunno... maybe bein' a guy, I take it all a little more in stride. Or, maybe it's just 'cause we guys tend to root on other guys when it comes to this sorta thing. It's ingrained in us to do so. Whoop Whoop!

Mark this day on your calendars kids- the day that Scrubbie will be eating his words.
Excuse me Scrubs - just for a second here...
HEY STEVE: Wed night bud - no Knight Rider up in the Great White! I think Barack took over the airwaves. Think I'll have to take my go-kart out for a toodle and take'r up to 250mph just to get my fix. Oh - wait... she starts to fly apart at 60. Never mind.
Ok kids - I'm back. Thanks.
The wife and I really do enjoy watching "Big Bang Theory" on TV. That show just cracks us up. LOL.

Ya'll remember my Geek friend Jim? Ya, well.... we can relate.
And, finally - a little welcome to "Rachel" and her brood for hopping on board the Scrubbie train. Good to have you here!

I know I have missed a few of the recent "followers" - but, Scrubbie's brain is kinda mushy. Why? Oh - c'mon - you read my blog! How could it NOT be mush!?

Suffice to say - I am thrilled to have you all on board. Thanks tons.

It's no secret that my plan is to take over the world. So - that is 16 down and only 6855676510 to go. Bwaa-ha-ha.

Check out this Scrubbie Surprise. Gee - that's a whole lotta 'gettin jiggy with it'.


Kristine said...

Morning Scrubbie!

Already follow/stalk you on Google Reader..haha

Hope today is a good one! It's -4 here....brrr...kid might be going out for Halloween in long johns and a parka..hahaha

Have a great day!! :D

Kim said...

Hey Scrubbie! I love your sense of humor and the fact that you're a scrappin' guy! Thanks so much for brightening my days and giving a shout out to my girl Heidi the other day! Adding you to my links on my blog......

Hugs and love,