Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mean, Horrible and Proud.

Naked guy was there again. Hmph. This time though, the Bro-In-Law got to experience it too. Naked guy wasn't naked through. PHEW!

Howdy kids. So - what's new? Well - not a helluva lot actually. Monday and today have both been pretty heavy into work stuff.

Monday night was Soccer again. The kid tried his hand (buh-dump-bum) (some of you know he has only one hand which makes that phrase kinda funny) at bein' goalie again. Did ok. He's a field guy though, so in goal - he is tryin to use his feet all the time instead of doin' the dive to block shots and such. Oh well - between him and the coach - they'll figure it out. The wife wants to know though - "Who puts a one-handed kid in goal!? I mean - really?!?" hehehehe. Ain't that funny!

Scrubbie's pad has yet more electronics in it. The kid has been savin' his pennies for a while and with the birthday just passed, he has managed to put the coin together to go and do some spending - which he did. The word iPod is now heard every other sentence. Yep - the kid went out and got himself an iPod at the local electronic superstore. Bein' the frugal dad - tried to go the regular MP3 route - showed the kid an 8gig zip-pi-dee-doo-da thingy with larger screen and all the bells and whistles for bit more than half the cost of an iPod. But - the kid is 12. And, if it ain't an iPod, he might as well just hum the songs in his head. *groan.

At least, though, I now have huge leverage for gettin' some slave labour out of him. "Kid - do the dishes now or no iPod!"

Oh - I am a wicked and evil man. *grin

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