Sunday, October 26, 2008

The punks in action

So - as you have been reading - it's been the kid's birthday weekend celebrations and with the weekend wrap up - I wanted to share some pics of young Scrub and his punk pals having some fun.

It was an interesting event - the kid has learned about his "school friends" and his "home friends" and how they don't always 'mesh' together. This weekend was about the school pals.

The motley crew came over today at 11 and took over the engine room. Kewl thing here - the lads are old enough that all Scrubbie had to do was set up a couple of TV's with game systems on them, leave the puter running with a sign that said "no dirty web sites or else" and set up a buffet table with wings and pizza, a few drinks and assorted munchies and really - unless they had to surface upstairs to use the loo or something - didn't really see them much.

And of course when it came time for chocolate in the form of cake or cupcakes in this particular case - what is a pre-teen to do?

To hell with forks I say. Just tuck in face first!

After running amok at the Scrubbie pad - we all trucked off to the local indoor swimmin' pond to get a little wet. Nice thing about our local waterin' hole is that it is heavily chlorinated. Environmentally - well, I dunno. But, on the other hand, nothin' like a healthy dose of bleach to ensure a group of young fellers come out smellin half decent.

The wife and I were up in the viewing stands. This is where parents come to place bets on which of the little children may not survive. We also make trades there. "If you take that one in the blue shorts, I'll take two of the little ones in yellow" kinda thing. It the Canadian way.

Just to really stack the odds of coming home with one or two less than we arrived with, we throw our wee darlin's off tall tower platforms. Generally - they survive the drop. The belly flops are just 'a somethin' to behold.

The kid just LOVES takin' the plunge off the platform

And - survives. Ain't he 'da bomb.

I will say this - he is making some good buds. Believe it or not - there were hugs among them.

A really heartwarming display of affection.

Or - a concerted effort to squeeze the life out of each other in a young and ruthless 'survival of the fittest' moment where the lone survivor and alpha male gets the last cupcake and first player on the Wii.

Happy Birthday kiddo.

And that, as they say, is a wrap.


Karen said...

Emily says she knows a couple of those kids and that "it is nice to see that their table manners haven't changed." heheheh "Boys!"

Glad to hear Jay had a great birthday

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Looks like they had a fun time. Reminds me of when my now grown sons were that age and all the friends that always were around. How did I ever survive? LOL

Sue said...

I heard it was fun!!! And you got to meet my boys!!