Thursday, October 30, 2008

Torres swings both ways!

Grey's Anatomy - dont'cha just love it.

The wife and I like to take in Survivor and then Grey's on a Thursday night. Did ya watch tonight? Pigs - sheesh. Blech. I tell ya - I much prefer working in HR than in medicine!

Like the pic? It's the Mother-In-Law when she was but a chick of 18. The wife wasn't even a glint in her mama's eye yet.

So - tomorrow is All Hallow's Eve. The kid was flippin' back and forth for a bit as to whether or not he was going to go out for it this year. But, when he heard that his punk friends are all headin' out as a group - he decided he was going to be in with the crowd. Dead Mime. Yes - you read that correctly - the kid fancies going out for Hallowe'en as a dead Mime. LOLOLOLOLOL. Oh - I don't know! I don't know where he got the idea from. But, there it is. So, the wife and I toodled out today to pick up some whiteface make up, pair of white gloves for a buck, couple of other doo-dads. Tomorrow - we have to put it all together.

Speakin of headin' out. The wife and I took a lunch break together today. We have a local farmer's market that goes on Thursday and Saturday every week. Lots of vendors peddling belts and socks, apples and mushroom, fresh veggies, meats and a whole lot more. So - off we went to enjoy a sausage on a bun and take in the sights. Chilly - but good times. Bumped into the kid's former after-school babysitter who was also there with her eldest son who WAS a young fella - not so much anymore. Sheesh.

Oh, hey... the Bro-In-Law and I went to the gym tonight to sweat off a couple 'a pounds. NO NAKED GUY tonight! WooooooHooooooo! *grin

So - that's about it for the moment. Catch ya'll tomorrow - hopefully with pics of a dead Mime to share.

Welcome to KIM! Kim just hopped on board as a follower today. Kim is a digi-designer from Philly in the good 'ol US of A.

Listen kids - if you are signing on as a follower - be sure to drop a note or leave a comment so I know who you are. As the 'ol list grows - dummy Scrubbie is gonna start to not know who's new anymore.



Anonymous said...

Where did you find that picture & I was 17 & I was not even dating scrubbies wifes dad yet, and I look better as a blond. Mamalou

Anonymous said...

p.s. But I really like your layout of the younger me. Love you Mamalou