Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brandon Crisp, Barrie Ontario

Evenin' boys and girls.

Here's a little somethin' to make you go hmmmmm.

Down there on the right somewhere of the blog is the traffic tracker thingy-whatsit. And, on that lil' beastie, I can see where folks are comin' from. Get this into ya: the MOST popular google search phrase that people find Scrubbie's blog from is the phrase "why kids hate their parents" or variations of that same phrase. I ran a couple of layouts showing the horrible things we do to our kids like dressing them up in goofy outfits and such with the titles "Why kids grow up hating their parents" (or somethin' like that) and voila - the google engines flag the blog as a result.

And, the hits are coming from all around the world. Seriously.

Makes me wonder why are people searching that phrase so often?

So - if you are stoppin' by for a visit - drop me a note and let me know what prompted you to search that phrase. I am interested.

On a similar note - allow me to do a Scrubbie Aside for a moment.

BRANDON CRISP: Yes - you Brandon. I was hoping you might stumble across my blog when googling your name. Ya, I google mine quite often - just to see what comes up. Listen - I totally understand the whole X-Box thing. And, I totally understand gettin' pissed off with the parents for shutting you down. I have a 12 yr old kid here who goes ballistic when I tell him he's off messenger or whatever.

By now it's no secret that takin' off from home for such a long period of time has really spiralled out of control and your name is plastered all over the news everywhere. People are out in droves trying to find you bud. Personally - I'd be freakin' out with even the idea of headin' home again and having to face all that.

- and you knew the BUT was coming when you started reading this... But, despite yanking the X-Box and despite ANY fallout from taking off - you have parents and friends and family who no doubt love you to bits and only want to know that you are safe and not in the hands of some freak or worse.

You don't know me from a hole in the ground. And, maybe that might just be the right thing. I am offering to help you get home Brandon. Or at least to let people know that you are ok. I am just a regular slob living in suburbia Ontario but I do have a voice and I certainly don't mind using it to help you here.

The only important thing is that you end up safe and sound. I ran away once. Figured it was the best way to punish my parents. I didn't last as long as you.

Brandon - if you are reading this - send me an email to and tell me how to get in touch with you. Also - send me a code word. The code word will tell you that it is in fact me who is talking to you. We will figure it out from there.
OR - call the police department at (705) 725-7025. If that number is long distance from where you are now - call 911.

Believe me - people are going to be way happier to hear from you than will be angry.

It's time to go home.

Ok folks - thanks for that aside moment.

Readers of my blog - as you know, yesterday the body of a teenage boy was discovered that is believed to be that of Brandon Crisp.

I am not deleting the post written above as this blog is meant to reflect who I am and what is going on with me. When writing the above entry - I was reaching out in the only way I knew I could at that time.

I am including this addendum, however, to express my deepest condolences to the Crisp family and to all those whose lives were touched by this young man. These are difficult days for the Crisp family and for all parents as we collectively look at our own children and ask ourselves - "What would we do?"

February 19, 2009

Evenin' all. Well - the saga continues I'm afraid.

Moments ago - I received an email notification of some comments left in response to a comment posting left by someone else. I have since removed all comments regarding this post.

The language used in the last post was too strong to leave here. For the poster - I apologize for removing your comment so abruptly. And, I understand your reaction to the anon comment left by someone. Perhaps it is more my fault for not paying attention to the comment and returning to it after Brandon's passing. For that - I am truly sorry.

For any other readers of this particular posting - I would ask that from this point forward, if you wish to leave a comment - please do so knowing that Brandon's parents, family and friends may well read your comments. Please be sensitive about what you say as the pain that these folks feel today is surely as strong as it has ever been.

I certainly wish to respect everybody's right to express their opinion and I am confident there are forums for you to do so. However, in this very tiny corner of the internet, I would rather only those words that provide comfort, solace and compassion to the Crisp family and their friends be the words that are seen.

Once again - to the most recent commentor - my apologies to you for neglecting to review the comments and remove anything that may have offensive. I am very sure that anyone who thought negatively of Brandon at the he left home felt the pain that we all did when it was learned what happened to him.

Thank-you all for visiting.

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