Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hump Day tomorrow.

Hey there Scrubs - Whasssup?

No pics tonight. But didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you entirely. Scrubbie's had his hands full the last couple 'a days. The kid had his first soccer practice last night. Was good. Bein' in the Great White North - of course the kid plays indoors through the winter. It was deeelightful let me tell ya. You see - the wife and I have this track record with the kid where when we go out for soccer nights... it ALWAYS rains or is freezing cold or some wild weather system is coming on. It was getting to be a great joke. And, even last night for soccer - it was cold, it was rainy - generally blech. BUT - we were INDOORS! Hooray! And, we were at the nice complex. There are two locally and for the last 5 years of indoor soccer, we played at one park but now we are at the newer one. It doesn't smell like feet! WOOHOOOOO!

Still have to deal with odd folk though. Very odd. It's a varitable blogging cast of characters! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for ya and bring you the update on some of them.

Scrubbie is sore tonight. For the last couple 'a days, the wife and I have been relocating rooms in the house. She didn't like having to share space with the kid and his punk friends while she was scrappin'. Can't blame the ol' dear. So - we have been moving some rooms 'round so that she has her own space. It's been two days of travelling up and down stairs. Forget the gym and naked guy - this has been my workout. Scrubbie's gonna have Hulk legs by time this is done.

Enough. Time for a cuppa tea and to sack out for the night. Have to travel tomorrow for work. Not far - just a car trip. THANK GAWD for GPS. I get lost going to the bathroom.

Whoops - the wife just felt my forehead and says Scrubbie's warm. Dang.

By the way - outside at my place today - the first few fluffs of snow. Don't that just put a knot in your knickers.

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Kristine said...

Mornin' Scrubbie!

I could have sworn I saw snow flakes yesterday but I just chalked it up to my fever...the soybeans arent even out of the field yet... My folks got snow yesterday in Renfrew..they always have snow for Halloween...

Hope you and the Mrs. have a great day!!!