Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caught with my shorts down. Figuratively speaking, of course.

The kid's birthday party is on Saturday and rather than hit the local dollar store for a set of really lame looking invites or just running off some flyers on the ol' printer at home - I whipped up this 4x6 photo using some of the handy dandy techniques from digiscrappin' and voila - really awesome invites for the kid and his punk friends. And, with a trip to the local cheap print place, I ran off a whack of them for only a buck ninety eight! Cheap and really good lookin!!! (The invites - not me)

So - regular scrubs will notice that it is shorty after 8pm local time here in Ontario Canada and it is a Wednesday night. Huh? Why is that significant? Oh - c'mon now... think. Think. Ok Ok - Knight Rider is on right now. And, Scrubbie's in front of the puter baring and sharing with you rather than sitting in front of the tube and diggin' that way kewl car! Shocking, ain't it?

May I share somethin' with ya'll? It is frackin' cold outside! Brrrrrrr. Don't like it. No sir - don't like it at all. Got up early this morning and hit the gym at 5:30. Lordie Lordie - had to scrape the windows on the go-kart and everything! There's no gettin' round it kids - old man winter is bearin' down.

So - get this (he says as a local politics aside...): Today, there is a brew-ha-ha in the news about one group of locals saying that infrastructure - specifically water availability in our region - is sustainable with projected growth to 2035. And, this area is bustin at the seams already. BUT - and here's the big BUT - every summer, we are under police lockdown to not water lawns, wash cars or even sweat too much due to water shortages. The ban lasts from practially snow melt to snow fall. So - Scrubbie asks: if we have oodles of the wet stuff to ensure that everyone can have a bath and take a drink with our population bursting from the 200K now to the projected 500K in 2035 - why, if I spill a drop on a Tuesday when my watering day is Wednesday, do the rent-a-cops come round and give me a ticket? Hmmmmm? You can see my dilemma here. Sure - I'm a guy and it is all black and white to us - but c'mon, really...

Ok - you got me. Knight Rider - I'm taping it.

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