Sunday, October 19, 2008



I hate fish.

Hate the smell of 'em. Hate the look of 'em. Hate the feel of 'em.

Don't eat 'em. Don't like to be near 'em. Think they're just nasty in every which way and then some.

I really cannot describe the extent to which I detest fish. Loathing is far too subtle. Suffice to say - I hate fish. Icky I tell you... just plain icky.

You get the idea, right?

My bro-in-law, however, likes fish. He likes to go fishing. Odd boy. He went fishing on Saturday before hittin' my place for dinner with the fam. And this is a picture from the day. Looks like JR was havin' fun huh?

So - another weekend has wrapped up. The wife is still in Toronto through. Hmmmmm. I am hoping the late arrival home means that she was extraordinarly successful at the Creative Festival. She and gal pal/business partner, the Joodster, were there today with the official launch of the wholesale side of their biz - In A Pinch Designs. The wife tooted off this morning with all the media stuff in hand and ready to launch. Honey - if you are reading this remotely - I made Beef Stew and I made Lasagna - both are in the fridge ready to be nuked. Come home soon.

The kid has been draggin' more of his pre-pubescent punk friends around the house lately. This weekend, in particular, was like a drive-in 'round here. Scratchy sounding voices, facial features that they haven't grown into yet - you know what I mean. Anyway - Dan the Man and Bawbee, that Colton, Bing and Bong - they were all floatin' 'round at one point or another. Mostly another. The last of them left here about an hour ago. I managed to get the kid into the shower to wash off a weekend of filth. Shoved him off to bed to read for awhile. And, I gots the puter to myself once again. WooHoo!

Haven't digiscrapped in a bit - gotta git goin' on that. Scrappers love them freebies. Yikes. So, looks like I'll have to put a couple of things together and get them up here.

That's it for now - gotta go and get the Tea ready for the wife when she comes home to regail me with tales of Scrappers and Scrappin' in the big city. Then - it looks like Scrubbie's hittin' the 24 hour Wal-Mart to snag some shin pads for the kid before the first soccer game tomorrow. You ever go shopping at the WalMart when the night-crawlers come out. Let me tell ya kids - tiz a scary thing. Last time I went there - there were gals and fellas crawling around there in their jammies. Kinda creeps me out just a little bit.

Oh - hey... did I mention that I think fish are the devil's spawn? Ok - just wanted to make sure.


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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hmmmmm .... somthing MIGHTY "fishy" going on over here in SCRUBBIELAND!!!

YOU are such a HOOT!

I, on the contrary, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fish!!! Well, I don't like to catch it, scale it, or clean it, but I DO love to eat it and it is VERY good for me! I probably eat MORE fish than any other type of protein. Salmon, Talapia and fresh Albacore Tuna are amongst my faves!

Glad you are surviving the "teen" years!

Wishing you and the Mrs. a GRAND week upon her arrival home to share her adventures with you whilst she SAVOURS the FLAVOUR of Scrubbie's FINE cuisine!!!

Bon Scrapatit,
Linda :)