Friday, October 24, 2008

Urination Consternation

Dolls that pee.

Let me just say that again. Dolls that pee.

Yes, yes, yes - I am sure there is a whole psychology behind it and I am sure there are parents that will swear up and down that it helped teach their little ones that peein' in the pot is better than just letting it rip anwhere/anytime... but... Dolls that pee. C'mon. That is just... well, it's just.... EEEWWWWW.

Perhaps it's the testes talkin' here - but GI Joe... we all knew he would take a leak in the forest when necessary, but we don't need to see his willy sprayin' for us to know it's happenin'. Dolls that pee are simply wrong. R-O-N-G wrong.

So - Fri night. The wife and I have relocated her studio upstairs. She is no longer in the engine room. The good ol scrappin' puter though - still in the engine room. So, now Scrubbie's lonely when going forth to create. The wife and I did talk about putting a webcam up on her puter and one on my puter down here - that way we can still lookie lookie and chatty chatty. Until then, it's yelling through the ductwork for us.



Kristine said...

Morning Scrubbie! I am still giggling but I agree on the EWWWWWW!!! factor!

Hubby and I yell through the ductwork too...wonder what we will do when we actually finish the basement. He might actually have to part with the money and get a intercom....LOL

Have a great weekend with the wife and the punk! :P

Anonymous said...

I must say that I am addicted Mr. Scrubbie to getting on this computer thing to see what you have to say and I'm never disappointed. Dolls that pee have been around for a long time but still ewwww. Have a great day with the punk kid and his punk friends although they are not really punks are they. mamalou

Patamomma said...

Dear Scrubbie, I have to say, I'm new to your blog, and I adore it. First of all a man that actually has something to say? Wow! Agree with you on dolls that pee. In fact just had that discussion 10 minutes ago with the 4yr old and 7yr old girls both. Nothing else that poops or pees in the house. The fish stuff is funny too. Patty