Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eddy Haskell's in the house.

Well, I actually put finger to mouse today and did up a pic of the newphew. Again - cute little fart, ain't he?

And - it's Sunday January 11th, 2009. Which means - IT'S 24 NIGHT! WOO-HOO!!! 'Course, that also means Hurricane Rona will be here. Think Scrubbie's gonna have a cocktail or two 'fore she gets here. Calm the nerves.

The wife - over at her mama's place. Papa went to the hospital on Tuesday with a host of problems. Sorta a buffet of medical conditions. But - he is doing well. Still there. Likely there for a bit still. Overall though - in good shape. So - the wife went to mama's to give a hand givin' the place the 'once over'. Bro-In-Law JR was there yesterday movin furniture and such. The wife - doin' a little 'staging' today. As your and our dear friend Martha Stewart might say... "It's a good thing."

The kid - sleepover at our place last night. Nope, not Bing and Bong. Shocking, I know. No... this time it was EDDY HASKELL. You might recall me mentioning this punk kid once before. Polite as all hell. Really great kid. But, behind those dreamy eyes - you just know lurks the soul of mischief. hehehehe. We love him. Oh - BTW... if you are unfamiliar with Eddy Haskell from the show LEAVE IT TO BEAVER - check that out by doin' a little google thing. You'll understand why we call him that.

His parents - Scotty and Cindy - we love 'em too. They're "tatoo people". Inked. Funny. Very dear friends. Scotty - he's a machine of late. He wants to run a marathon. So - he's been training and is up to running for 2 hours solid and clocking 17 KM. Yikes. Scrubbie ain't doin that. Sheesh. The live in the middle of nowhere where the snow piles up to the sky and their neighbours include the bearded mennonite woman who sells veg on the side of the road. Nope - Scrubbie ain't doin that either.

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