Monday, January 12, 2009

God lov'em.

Punk pal EDDY HASKELL - meet the world. World, meet Eddy Haskell.

Ya - here's a pic of the kid with his punk friend Eddy Haskell. I'm exhausted! I tell ya kids... when Haskell and the kid hook up - it's a buzz 'round of activity from mornin' till night. Whoosh.

So - Jack Bauer and 24. OMG - how great was that? The fastest 2 hours. And, tonight we get round 2 of another 2 hours of that show. Ohhhhh - looks like it's gonna be a good one. Tonight is also the night when Hurricane Rona and the wife get to RIP apart a bunch of gals who are all competing for one dude on THE BACHELOR. AND, they continue to RIP apart the incredibly shallow (even more shallow than Scrubbie here!) folks on some hour long show called TRUE BEAUTY. (Did you see the premier last week? Wasn't that pee-your-pants hysterical?!!!??)

The kid - soccer tonight.

Oh - and I thought I'd intro ya'll to our dear friends that I mentioned yesterday - the tattoo people who live near the bearded woman who sells veg on the side of the road. God lov'er. Scotty and Cindy - just a couple'a kids really (compared to the very aged Scrubbie). Funny and hearts of gold. We love 'em to death. Even though they are all tattooish. God lov'em.

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