Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sing.... Sing a song. Dear God. Back Door Photo. Geek. Cold. Read on kids...

Hey kids. Scrubbie here. Wednesday night. The wife has taken over the tube. Scoffed the clicker. Hoarding control. Scrubbie is sad. Very sad. Why? Cause it's Knight Rider night. Instead - American Idol on the box. Which reminds me... time for another Scrubbie Aside. Excuse me a moment.
"Dear God. Scrubbie again. Howz it goin? Lord - give me the strength, the courage and the wisdom to know and understand that I cannot sing and should never ever audition for a show like American Idol. Thanks God. You da man. Amen."

Ok - thanks. I am back.

So... ya know the Front Door Photos? Well, here's a Back Door Photo. Thought I'd switch it up a bit. I just love the view from the back of the igloo. Had to share it with ya. Purty ain't it?

Brought the wife's daddy home today. As you might recall... the old boy was in the hospital for a week. Much better now. Still some issues - but... don't we all have issues? So, ya, brought him home today - got him settled in - grabbed some road kill and whipped up a tasty dinner for him and MamaLou. Gave them a call this evenin - and they are just nestled in like a couple 'a bugs in a rug. Phew.

Hey - remember my friend, the Geek? (Dontcha just love the cast of characters 'round here.) Well - as you may recall.... Geek is a single fella with a couple 'a kids he shares with former wife the Dispatcher. Well.... perhaps I should say WAS a single fella. Geek has HOOKED IT UP! (Scrub says with arms crossed and fingers in that "whoa ya" pose the kid does all the darn time) YES - Geek has a Geekette. And, Geekette gots kids too. And pets. Geek had pets already.

Geek and Geekette have shacked up.

So... here's the overview. Geek went from bein Geek and a couple 'a dogs no bigger than large rats and two boys who are there part time to... Geek and Geekette, 6 kids, 5 cats, 4 dogs... and a partridge in a pear tree. hehehehe.

Seriously though - Scrub's pretty happy for them all. Way to go kids.

Deep freeze continues here in the Great White. -32 degrees tonight. Let me just say that again. MINUS THIRTY TWO DEGREES. Doesn't that just send a shiver up yer spine? The lunatic dog is NOT thrilled about piddlin' in the 'ol outdoors. Mind you... neither is the kid.

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3s_enough said...

Wow that's cold Scrubbie! -32 is our all time record low! Stay warm! Love the scene from your back door!