Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knob and The Environmentalists.

So - I know ya'll will relate to this.

Scrubbie's takin' this business course. Twice a week for a couple hours each session. It's pretty good. Lotsa info - most of it useful. Ya know how it is.

In the program though... there is the obligatory KNOB. Yes... this dude is the one who won't shut up. Has to find the flaw in everything. Argues every point. And, says the stoopidest stuff. Constantly says things like "I don't even know why I am here. This is useless stuff."

KNOB is a frackin' idiot. And, there's always one in every group, isn't there? I don't get it. It's not like we're in prison or anything. You signed up for it dude. Sheesh.

And, if that isn't enough - we also have the environmentalists. Two of 'em. These two gals (get this into ya) complained on the first day last week that we were using too much electricity becuase the instructor was using a projector for his computer with a PowerPoint presentation. TOO MUCH ELECTRICITY! Bwaaaa-haa-haa!


The wife and I are huddled up, tryin to keep warm in the deep freeze right now. We have our woolies on and have stoked the electric fire up to max. But, I still have chills. No, no... not from the brisk temps breezin' through the igloo right now. The chills are from this creepy show we have on the tube right now. GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL. It's one of those shows you flip on while enjoyin a cuppa tea and nothin' else is really on to distract your attention.

Well - these wacked out dudes and dudettes are s'posedly doing investigations of paranormal activity in various places. They are in some church somewhere checkin' out reports of ghosts. And, they are all freakin' out cause apparently "there is definately something in here". Sheesh. Scrubbs gots goose-pimplies EVERYWHERE right now.

Wifes freakin' out a bit too.

Lunatic dog... doesn't give a damn. She's on the loveseat, curled up and doin that doggie dreamin' woof thing. Hysterical.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Scrubbie Just got caught up on the last couple days & you make me laugh. Thanks for all your help with the old boy. Can't believe he's still in bed better go check on him. mommalou