Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Left, Right, Left. Oh.... to hell with it.

Howdy kids. Whassup? Here in the Great White - we are bein' hit by the BRRRRRRR. And when I say brrrrr, I mean BRRRRRR! Yikes.

Time to get personal. And, I mean REALLY personal. Yes boys and girls - Scrub's givin' you a peek at.... the fridge.

The wife mentioned it the other day. Takin' pics of other people's fridges. I got to thinkin' - ya... everyone's fridge is sorta unique. There's stuff on it. Seems to be the family communication center. Memories. All kindsa stuff.

So - here's Scrub's. Let me take you for a tour. The front, upper section: to the far right - the calendar. Just to the left of that - a dry erase calendar board that we don't really use at the moment. Good place to scribble notes though. Over top of that - the kid's soccer schedule. Just below - a fridge magnet given to us by Hurricane Rona that has the saying "If you don't know where you are going... you'll end up someplace else." More on that in a moment. Then, beside that is a small electronic timer. We use it mostly when we play games at home that require a timer. We hate the sand timer thing. Then, below on the lower door section - there is a fridge magnet note pad.

On the side of the fridge: oh hell - there is just a huge collection of notes, pads, basket with pens and stuff in it, little magnetic containers with elastic bands, paperclips - stuff like that.

On top of the fridge - not shown... junk. Lots and lots of junk.

So - Hurricane's little gift was not actually a gift to the fam. It was meant specifically for Scrubbie here. You see... I have no sense of direction. None. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. As many of Scrubbie's friends already know, but you are about to learn... having no sense of direction is very clearly demonstrated in daily life. I have mentioned my GPS. Ya... best gawd darn'd thing ever invented! I can now find my way to the bathroom in only one short trip. Ya, awesome.

But - years ago, before the advent of GPS units (and electricty), Scrubbie was leavin' a place called St. Catherine's in Ontario. Go ahead - google it on Google Maps. I'll wait.




darn'd interweb... slow today.


ahhhh - Ok there ya go. See it? Yep - Kinda smack dab right there. Well, Scrubbie's igloo is located kinda to the left. Well, I left my buddy's place and started driving. I kept driving. And driving. The first sign I recognized was "Bridge to USA". Yes - that's right. I got so lost, I ended up in another country.

Ya - I ain't so good with directions.

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