Saturday, November 7, 2009


I consent. Give it to me.

Howdy kids. Scrubbie here. How are ya'll?

So - Scrub's still here.

Pumped full of Swine Flu juice. Arm is gall-darn'd sore. And, things are just tickety-boo.

Ok - for those who are pending gettin' the shot... It's not that bad. Really.

Typical shot in the arm. Left deltoid, intramuscular... just in case you were wondering.

Started earlier in the day - had to stand in line. As you can see - I was #498. I was aiming for #500. But - close enough. Stood in line for an hour and a half to get that wristband. Round these parts, all Scrubs and Scrubettes are being offered up the shot for free. This week - it's those at higher risk of complications if you were to happen to pick up H1N1. Scrub fits into that category. So - stood in line. Got my wristband. Left the clinic for a while. Went back around 5:30pm. Was in and out in about 40 mins. Smooth as silk. Everyone was just as nice as could be. Really well organized. Yep - was nothin but a positive experience.

Shot's a little different. Apparently, they're using shark liver oil as a suspension (or somethin like that). Makes the serum a little thicker than a typical shot. You can feel it. But - again... ain't that bad. Holy smoly though - talk about a sore arm afterwards. Feels like one helluva punch and bruise.

After we got the shot (the Wife and the Kid ended up comin' with. I picked up wristbands for them earlier in the day as well. Yep - they were "soooo surprised". hehehe.) (oh - and ya, they are in a higher risk category as well). Anyway... after we got the shot... nurse lady told us to make sure we move our arms. Keep 'em moving. Because the serum is thicker, she said, it can really stiffen up.

So - the Wife... came up with "choo-choo" and moving the arm. Like a train. Get it? The arm thingies of the train that makes the wheels go 'round. Get it?

The three of us - keep goin around everywhere - "Choo-Choo".

Oh ya. Not only seems to help - but gives ya a good case of the giggles too.

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