Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's the Wednesday Mash-Up!!!!!!!!!

It is hump day.

(avoiding dirty thoughts. avoiding dirty thoughts. avoiding dirty thoughts)

Greetings kids. Yer ol pal Scrubbie here. How are ya?

Alrighty - it's Wednesday which means it's the Wednesday edition of Scrubbie. Which means it's the Wednesday Mash-Up.

(I know - it sounds like every Wednesday is the Wednesday Mash-Up. When in fact, I have never really done a Wednesday Mash-Up.)

(Frankly - not even sure what it means)

Reminds me - mashed potatoes tonight. That'd be good. The Kid loves mashed spuds. Whipped. Not chunky. And gravy. The Kid loves mashed with gravy. Anything that goes with it is secondary.

He also loves mashed spuds with chunks of cheddar cheese mixed in it. And bacon bits. Cheddar-bacon mashed spuds. That have been whipped with sour cream and butter in it.

Focus Scrubbie. Focus.

Ok - so the Wednesday Mash-Up. Nothing to do with mashed potatoes.

H1N1. Vaccination. Did I mention this? Did I mention that Scrubbie is a pansy. A woosie. A funkda-doodle. When it comes to defending my family against the forces of evil - Scrub is practically in tights and a cape. SUPERSCRUB! But - wave a .5mm shiny silver barrel in front of me and I am laid out flat like Superdude and kryptonite.

I dont like needles. Syringes. Hypodermics. Gawd. Dont like em at all. I had this one nurse once who was doing the injection thing call it a Happy-Stab. Who the hell makes up a name like Happy-Stab?

And, as I have a pancreas that is on vacation - diabetes and all... means I really should go get stabbed.

The crowds are pretty thick 'round these parts to get the shot. And, tomorrow is my day. Argh. Hopefully my dear Bro-In-Law JR is gonna get stabbed too. He'll protect me.

Hey - speaking of TV...

Me and the Wife watched the remake of "V" last night.

Remember - in the 1980's?

Oh ya.... the hair. the shoulder pads.

This was smokin hot Diana - one of the leaders of The Visitors.

Here to make a buffet of the human race. And, the ones that were'nt tasty enough to put on the menu - slavery.

Yes.... every boys dream.

Then... we flash forward to 2009...

And, here we have smokin' hot Anna - leader of The Visitors.

Here to make a buffet of the human race. And, the ones that aren't tasty enough to put on the menu - slavery.

Yes.... every boys dream.

Scrubbie loves progress.

So - the show - not too bad. Not bad at all.

This Anna - she's kinda a creepy good looking. Most intriguing.

We're looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. Hopefully - this doesnt turn out to be a disaster remake. Sometimes they are. Ummmm... Knight Rider anyone?

I dont know what to put in this whole Wednesday Mash-Up thing. Sounded like a good idea.

Hey - that reminds me...

Here's another layout of the Kid.

Yes - I have been having some fun with Halloween Layouts.

Lets just say I was infected with this festive time of year.

This was the Kid last year.

Surely - the Wednesday Mash-Up could have some kind of direction. Focus. Theme. I really gotta think here.

OH! Let me just start this next sentence with one word: Ugh.

Ugh. Yeseterday, the Weather Witchdoctor tells us that snow is a real possibility.

Say it with me kids: Ugh.

The Wife is out of ink in her printer again. We go through ink like water here. Lots of printing of instructions for Scrappin' kits. Lots.

I love bacon & eggs. Breakfast. Dinner. Yesterday - had bacon & eggs for lunch. I love bacon & eggs.

I don't love needles. Syringes. Hypodermics. Happy Stab - as one very psychotic nurse once called it.

Ok - well... I don't know. This Wednesday Mash-Up thing. I don't know.

Maybe not a good idea.

I'll think on it.

By the way... my favourite colour is blue.

I dont like cats.

K. I'm done.


Not boxers.

Today anyway.



kristine~♥ said...

Morning Scrubbie!!!

Now I'm hungry and want some taters with bacon n cheese in 'em....LOL

I used to LOVE watching V when I was a teen. I thought I was the only one. :P I missed the premiere of the new one...must make a note not to miss it anymore. Send the man whore down to his man-pit so I can watch some drivel....LOL

3s_enough said...

Love the LO Scrubbie!

Cheessy bacon taters sound awesome, think I'll make some for dinner tonight!

Mindy said...

What a delightfully, random ADHD-filled post!