Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm Just A Sweet Transvestite

No doubt you are all raising an eyebrow right 'bout now.

Heydee ho boys & girls. It's yer ol pal Scrub here. How are ya?

No. In today's posting title, I was not referring to a fundamental shift in my sexual identity. No. Sheesh.

But, I gotta tell ya kids - there's just something not right about sittin' at home and watching. Just not right.

I refer, of course, to a home viewing of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

At home - there's no throwing of toast. Or rice. Or the squirting up into the air of water.

At home - there's no crowds shouting obscenities at the screen.

At home - there's no dressing in garters, stockings, bling'd out monster heels and applying sweet glorious ruby red lipstick, delicious blue eye shadow and a string of honkin' huge pearls. Well not regularly. Thursday nights don't count.

All that stuff - only happens at the movie-house. And, it is such an important part of the whole Rocky experience.

Have you been?

Alright - if you haven't - you really must. Seriously. Find a showing at a theatre near you. Don't worry about anything - just go. Enjoy. Then come back. Trust me.

But - last evening, me, the Wife and our good friend Hurricane... (you remember Hurricane don't you? Stops to pee at a stranger's house. Target of voodoo practitioners? Ya - her) So - we all watched Rocky on TV last night.

I never really knew some of the dialog.

However, despite all the extras that normally go along with a showing of Rocky - I did find myself smiling for an hour and a half whist watching it.

Lets face it - Tim Curry as Frankie, Richard O'Brien as Riff Raff - how can you not smile each and every time they are on screen?

And, of course, yesterday was October 31st. Which means - Halloween.

The Kid and his punk friends - they got together to go and do a little Trick or Treatin'. Came back. Sugared up. And, there was a sleepover at Scrub's.

Scary movies. Candy. Late night Macaroni & Cheese.

As usual - good times.

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Karen Ellis said...

I just said this week that I really must go see this -- or at least have a party at the house. I want to throw things!!

It was my favourite part of working at the movie theatre when I was a teen (probably cause I didn't have to clean the theatre after) and as a uni student -- every Halloween I would throw a Rocky Party/Showing in the common room. Oh so much fun! Sheesh Darren -- why haven't we done this yet??? Name the date/time!! We'll get the spouses and other wanna be Rocky fans together and throw things together! Good times.... :)