Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanks for the Blog

Merci, as they say in the other official language of the Great White North.

Afternoon boys & girls - tiz I - your ol pal Scrub.

JR - the Bro-In-Law. Ya'll remember him, right? Ripped. Dashing. An arse that just dont quit? Ya - him.

Well, JR has graciously given Scrub yet another blog entry.

See - my dear bro-in-law, whom I love very much, is a wonderful man. Good to his fam. Faithful. Caring. And, generously gives Scrub tidbits to blog about.

Take for example... just a few weeks ago, the dear fella gives Scrub a call on the hooter and the following conversation ensues:

Scrub: Hello?

JR: Hey.

Scrub: JR!

JR: Scrubbie!

Scrub: Whassup?

JR: Nothin'

Scrub: Kewl.

JR: Hey

Scrub: What?

JR: Guess what I'm dressing up as?

Scrub: What?

JR: Zorro

Scrub: How does your boss at work feel about this?

JR: No - for Halloween

Scrub: Oh. Kewl.


Scrub: Ya know, JR... The whole "Zorro" and the whole "The Gay Blade" thing... this is prime fodder for the ol blog, ya know.

JR: Ya. I know.


So, as you can well imagine - for the past number of weeks, I have sat in antici.... .... .... .... pation. (homage to Rocky Horror there).

And, as sure as the sun rises in the morn - my dear Bro-In-Law, in all his fabulousness... adorned with fake guy-hooker boots and all... arrived in his blacks and cape to strut his stuff.

Wanna see?

Oh - there ya go kids.

Ain't that awesome!

Personally, I think this is a good look for the 'ol boy.

Bein' all into "one-up-manship" - next year,
Scrub's gonna wear an outfit as well.

Wanna see?

Scroll down please.

I see you shiver with antici .... .... .... .... pation.

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