Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Space has been invaded. And I ain't talkin' about the website.

My keyboard smells like roses.

Morning Scrublings. It's yer ol pal Scrubbie here.

What's all this then?

Keyboard is smelling sweet.

Mouse is polished.

Screen is not marred with beer stains.

Somethin's not quite right.

Wait. Wait just a minute. Wait just a cotton-picken darn minute!

Things have been womanized. Big time.

Alright. Let me take a look around here.

C Drive. Yep - things are in order.

Documents folder. Yep - ok.

Pictures. OH! Found it.

Hmmmm. Yep - just as I thought.

The Wife.


See - The Wife - last night was in need of a little creative outlettin'. As ya'll know - m'darlin is a paper scrapbookin genius. Famous across the Great White and even down with some of our neighbours in the Red White and Blue. Heck - the Wife has even done creatin' for folks in Japan.
But - last night, instead of draggin' out 5.27 metric tonnes of supplies to whip together a scrappy page - the Wife grabbed hold of the 'ol Toshiba here and went mouse happy putting together a digi-page.

Sure - some fellas would feel threatened. Ya know - the women folk treading into man territory. Taking over what little he has left to call his own. Kinda like puttin air fresheners in the garage.

Not me.

I am completely secure.

Now, if you'll excuse me. Scrub's gonna gonna go redorate
the scrappin' room here at the igloo with his collection of hubcaps. Place needs a mans touch.

While I'm gone - check out what the Wife digitized.

Nice, eh?

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