Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy days

Evenin' all. "Where the heck are the layouts!?" you ask...

I know, I know. Busy days folks. The kid - back to school stuff. He's grown again! So, more pants. Socks - if you have kids, you already know that the damn'd things are practically disposable. On and on. So - been shopping. And, the food. All school stuff. The kid also has a tree nut allergy. Not peanut. Tree nuts. Specially cashews. Simply put - if it goes in him, then he goes. Scary stuff. But - manageable. So - lots to look for when out getting the school lunch stuff, snacks etc.

In the world of digiscrapping - I have been working on a couple of layouts - building the backgrounds and such, trying some new techniques etc. Just have to plop a couple of photos in.

Not feeling 100% tonight. So, think I am gonna call it quits for the evening. Tomorrow - have guests coming for dinner. Have to get myself perked up to entertain. Actually - among the guests are another scrapper whose blog is link'd here. "All about love" is the link. Her, her hubby and her two rugrats. It's all good. They are among the few people that I actually like. hehe. If the 'ol tummy doesn't get right though - might have to postpone till Sunday.

Are you a local reader? If so - hit the Paris Fair this weekend. Good times. Demolition Derby on Saturday night. I think it's Saturday night. Have to go and check on that.

Hey - wanna hear somethin' else? I currently take Happy Pills. Something called Venoflaxine.. or something like that. Anti-depressants. I know - drugs. Oh well. Anyway - I am going to wean off them over the next couple of weeks. The wife is scared. LOL. I wonder if my writing will get even crankier? I am, after all, over 40. *grin.


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