Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Back!

Hey boys & girls - I am back. Told you yesterday that I had a rather upset tummy. Well, today I spent most of the day laying around and even had a bit of a sleep in the afternoon. So - here it is 11:30pm and I am wide awake. Oh - this should be a fun next couple of days. Sleepin' patterns all outa whack. Oh well. I get to see the hopping night life 'round the neighbourhood.

Students are moving in this weekend. No, not in my house. THANK GAWD. But, the little critters are infesting assorted domiciles around the neighbourhood. I live close to not 1, but 2 universities. So - we do tend to get quite a few of them in and around the place. Parents dropping them off, helping them unpack. 519-653-7700. That's the number for the Waterloo Regional Police department. Just ask for Waterloo Dispatch. Hmmm - why do I know that number off by heart? *grin

So - back in the swing of things again. I decided to put together a bit of a layout here. Last January, the kid and I went to my cousin's place to have a sleepover. It was truely a boys weekend. Good times. Hot Tubbing when there's snow falling is awesome! Very steamy. Beer stays cold when you plunk it in a snowbank right beside the hottub. Of course, getting from the house to the tub when you are in your skivvies, through the snow - that takes a bit of gettin' used to. But, crawling into 500 degrees of water, all bubbling around - January winter wind ripping across your face - damn... that is awesome. Surprisingly, getting out of the tub is not that big 'a deal. You come out and the steam is just radiating off your bod and you dont really feel the cold for a few minutes. And, that is about all the time you need to get toweled off and head indoors again.

The kid has this Tattoo pen with stensils - so the three of us all got "inked". Uncle Steve already has a tatt. Miami Dolphin fan, he is. Guess what his tatt is? Yep - Dolphin's symbol right on the upper arm. The kid's gonna go for a tatt one day - I just know it. Me - too much of a pansy wimp to go and get one. Besides, being ADHD - half way through, I'd change my mind and want something different. Nope - won't go there.

Anyway - blah blah blah... point is - layout is remembering that really GREAT time at Uncle Steve's place.

Where's the kid tonight? Guess. Bing & Bong's - sleepover. sheesh.

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