Monday, August 25, 2008

Immigration Canada

Evening boys & girls -

Spent a good deal of time today on the horn with Immigration Canada. I'm helping this chap from the UK get a job here in the Great White North and needed to find out about working visa's etc. Had a wonderful chat with a lady on the other end of the phone. Not what I was expecting at all. My good 'ol cynical self was really revv'd up for some sorta snarly, grunting and chortling bush-person on the phone - but I was pleasantly surprised. It was all good.

The wife and I kicked the kid and his punk friends Bing & Bong outa the basement tonight so we could both get some scrappin' done. They are kinda loud. But - they are all pre-teen boys, so whaddya expect? Anyway - looks like Bing & Bong are sleeping at our place tonight. So, told the kid that Mom and I were taking over the basement for about an hour, then he and his punk buds can come back down and the engine room is theirs for the night. My time is almost up. Gotta type faster.

I warned you a while ago that you would see quite a few Geocaching pages 'cause we had done quite a few caches - but I have never scrapped any of the photos. So, another goes up tonight.

But, there is also another page going up. I have always wanted to do a recipe page - but have never gotten round to it until now. And, by garsh - let me tell you... if there is one thing I LOVE it is Banana Bread - warm and toasty with a smear of butter on it and a fresh, hot and steamy cup'a coffee to go with it. Yahoo (He says in his best Western cowboy accent he can muster).


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