Thursday, August 28, 2008

From sketch to Layout

Hey - the kid is sleeping at Bing & Bong's tonight! WooHoo! So, the wife and I sat to do a little scrappin' together! Her on her side of the room with paper and glue. And, I on mine with mouse and monitor.

We both took a sketch and decided to do layouts with it. Without knowing it though - we chose to use the same photo! Go figure - of all the pics we have, we went with the same one! Too funny. See - that's what 21 years of being side by side does to ya. (secretly, I love it)

She is still putting the finishing touches on hers - I may yet get a snap of it to put up here.

As you have come to know already - my style is very linear, clean lines, not too cluttered etc etc. Boring to some. Perfect to others. The wife - little bolder with the knobbly bits on her layouts. But - I love 'em too.

Posting the sketch and my finished product for your perusal. Sketch was for an 8.5x11 - I just stretched it out a bit.

Time for bed. Yikes - gonna crash out tonight.

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