Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

I am gravely concerned.

Morning boys & girls. It's good 'ol Cuzin Scrubbie here.

Yes, my friends, I am gravely concerned.

First, however, I must report on Thanksgiving Dinner with the Outlaws. Deelishushus. Simply put. The wife - her mammy and pappy treated the Scrubbie Fam to a wonderful dinner yesterday, as you know. Good times.

Ok. So - here in the Great White... this weekend is our Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Nice eh? Our neighbours to the south - they have theirs comin' up soon enough. Other parts of the world - yer probably wonderin' what the hell all the fuss is aboot. (I threw in the "aboot" for those of you abroad who get the giggles when we Canucks say things like "oot and aboot" rather than "out and about".) Well, round here, in the Great White, we tend to throw a party whenever there is anything to do with a harvest. Seriously. Well - as you know, we have snow on the ground and minus 400 degree weather a good chunk of the year - so anytime we have a chance to grow somethin', yank it out'a the ground and shove it down our gullets - it's a party!

Anyway... ya, today - Thanksgiving. Oh - and I really should say: "Happy Thanksgiving to all in the Great White today!"

So, yesterday, the fam was with the Outlaws doin dinner. Today, Scrub and the fam have a full day. Thanksgiving Day Parade today. This aft - headin' to Scrub's mamma and pappa's for more consumption of mass quantities. (did you get that reference as well? No? Coneheads. ?? No? K - don't worry)

Parade? Oh ya- we have a Parade here too. Part of it is to celebrate Oktoberfest. Part of it - Thanksgiving. An event particularly for the Scrubbie fam 'cause the Kid is part of the parade. See - we take all the children of our village and hook them up to the trailers and floats and yell MUSH to get them to pull the displays of harvest veggies and such through town. Kinda show off our strapping youngsters to others. Give the dogsled teams a break for once. Nice, eh?


Ok Ok - no... we don't really do that. But, the Kid is a part of the parade.

As you may recall... the Kid can only count to 8 unless he's naked. He was born missing a couple 'a digits on one hand. Blah, blah, blah... long story. Suffice to say that it was just one of the spontaneous birth things and everything is kewl. But - as the Kid doesn't have a matching set of hands... we belong to the WarAmps. Great organization. Look it up sometime.

And, as the Kid is but a youngster, he belongs to the CHAMP program which is part of WarAmps. Also very kewl - check it out sometime.

And, the WarAmps program has a float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade here.

See - all coming together now, isn't it?

And, the Kid - is riding ON the float in the parade.

And, as the Kid ain't of dogsleddin' age just yet - his parents are required to escort the little bugger around.

And, as the parade kicks off early in the morning and there is oodles of prep that needs to happen 'fore the bands and floats go marching on through town... we have to get there early.

And, as winter is approachin' and days are gettin shorter and the earth's axis and rotation 'round the sun and... *gasp, huff and puff.... well.... you get the idea.... bottom line - ITS TOO DAMN DARK OUTSIDE MOST OF THE TIME.

So - Scrub, who incidentally LOVES his warm cuddly bed with his warm cuddly blankies and his warm cuddley lunatic dog and warm cuddly wife is waking up early, in the dark and in the cold, on a holiday Monday to look out frost covered windows into the blackness that his brain and body are still calling night.

I love bein Canadian.

But - as eluded to earlier... I do have some grave concerns.

Apparently, Scrub's Happy Pills ain't workin. Hmmm? Why? Well - 'cause I can still hear the little voices in my head calling me an idiot and telling me to go back to bed.


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Anonymous said...

My Dearest Scrubbie As you can see its 2 days since our great Thanksgiving weekend and I'm just getting to the old comp. now to read your comments about the outlaws, so glad you enjoyed your dinner but the next time I ask you to bring the turnip, please make sure there cooked first. Luv you to bits Mommalou