Sunday, October 11, 2009


Zicke zacke zicke zacke hoi hoi hoi!

Guten Tag Jungs & Madels! Ihr alter Jumpel Scrubbie hier!

Yes kids... that is German there. Well, at least German as our good friends at Google have suggested.

So - why throw a little bit of an acce
nt into Scrub's blog today? Well - Scrub was out 'a festin' last night. OK - so not "really" festing. See... as you may recall, when Scrub isn't bein a pappy - or a hubby - or a 9-5 slugworm... Scrub puts in a few hours bein a volunteer for a child-safety oriented organization. And, last night, Scrub and few of his pals were out selling some Oktoberfest trinkets. We get a portion of the proceeds to fund the organization.

Good times kids. Seriously good times. Last night, was at a Fest Hall called Heidelburg Haus. This particular venue is not one of the traditional German fest halls. We gots a few of them 'round here. See... Kitchener, where Oktoberfest happens, is steeped in German heritage. In fact, the city was once called Berlin. But, having the city called Berlin kinda fella outa fashion and it was renamed to Kitchener. (Geez - history lesson on a Sunday morning. Weren't ex
pecting that were ya?) Anyway... Fest Halls. Ya. So Heidelbug Haus is not a traditional German fest hall. In fact, it hold particular appeal to the younger folk. University and College folk. Oh sure - there's a contingent of us middle agers there. And, there's always the die-hard Festers that travel hall to hall through all 9 days of the celebration. But, most of 'em - are mega hormoned students who tend to keep the barley-malt-and hops bevvies flowing pretty good all night long.

Oh - it was one of those people-watching adventures for sure.

Couple of great bands crankin out music.

Smell of Bavarian food permeating every corner of the hall.

Yep - for 3 and a half hours last night - Scrub was in sensation heaven.

Oh - there there was this there too.


**The Wife Here...** conveniently forgot to tell me about the volumptuous beer steins! Hmmmmmm! We need to talk...

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