Thursday, October 15, 2009

A whole lotta nuthin'.

Brrrrrrr. And, I mean Brrrrrrrr!

Evening boys & girls. It's yer ol pal Scrubbie here. How ya'll doin?

Not much happenin'. And what is happenin' is, of course, pretty menial.

So - lets get goin, shall we?

The Wife - School - good. Doing a "Human Resources" component. As this is Scrub's area of expertise, we find ourselves chattin about her homework quite a bit. Currently at 2 o'clock to Scrub, in the marshmallow chair, cuppa tea in hand, jammies on, scrappy stuff on the folding table in front of her, eyes transfixed on the yahoo's on this seasons serving of Survivor.

Lunatic dog - at 3 o'clock to Scrub - on the floor - tongue thing goin on. Ya'll recall our neurotic fuzzball has this thing where she licks licks licks. Not people - just the floor and the air. Looks like a lizard. Her tummy is full. She's a content 'lil bitch.

The Kid - in the engine room. Hangin out. Bing of Bing and Bong fame is here right now. Or was at least.

Scrub - well, bit of the sniffles. Nothin' serious. Not H1N1 anyway. Cuppa tea in hand. And, just as intrigued by the yahoos on Survivor as they blend up all kindsa beasties such as giant clam, octopus and crap like that in a blender to make up a mega gross smoothie. Geez - not for me. Blech.

Scurb's pappy - well, the ol boy is in the hospital right now. All kindsa stuff goin on with his insides. But, he's in good hands and I'm sure will be comin' home soon. Scrubbie Mommy, Scrub's baby brother and Scrub rushed the old fella up to the local doctorin' facility comin' up on a week ago. Rough shape back then - but comin' around nicely.

And, a little digiscrappin happenin'. Check this out.

Who is this you ask?

Well - it's JR of course! Scrub's bro-in-law... dashing, sexy, slightly damaged, happily medicated. Yep. That's him.

Cute eh?

The digi goodies can be found here:

Ok - so, I mentioned BRRRRRR. Yes - Scrub lives in the Great White. I get it. I'm kewl with it. But - geez louise - the weather forecast for tonight is snow! C'MON!!!!!

Well - there it is kids. That's all I got. As soon as these sniffles are gone, Scrub will head out into the world. As you know - there's always a few odd folk kickin' around. I'll see who I can dig up. And, of course, ya'll be the first to know.


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Anonymous said...

My Darling Scrubbie Where did you find that pic of JR put a lump in my throat & tears in my eyes & memories Luv ya mommalou Hope your feeling better