Friday, October 16, 2009

Scrubbie Mommy is at it again.

Oh Mommy - you are sooo funny!

Morning boys & girls - Scrub here. Sniffly... but feelin' fine.

Alright - lets just get this outa the way up front. Scrub's fam - well.... a bit loony. Not to imply that we are all black and white, sing hauntingly and enjoy floating in water - like a Loon. Ya know... the bird. The Loon.

No - I mean more like - silly. Goofy. Unpredictable. Freaky. The kinda people that inspire people to cross the street when they see us strollin down the sidewalk towards them. Ya - that kind.

But - we're a loving bunch.


All of us.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, cousins twelve times removed, aunts, uncles - the whole extended bunch. All very very loving.

And we show it.

All the time.

No kidding.

Huh? Proof?

Well - take, for example, Scrub's mommy. Scrub's pappy is lying in a hospital. Clinging to life. (welll... not really clinging to life. he's gettin' along just fine). And what does Scrub's mamma take the time to do? Take a look. Mamma loves Scrubbie.

Only question I have is: Who the hell is studly there?

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