Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh dear Lord... Where's that Crown Royal?

Pour yourself a coffee. Grab a tissue. She's at it again.

Evenin' kids. It's yer ol pal Scrubbie here.

Boys & Girls - ya'll might recall the Wife and Scrub have a pal named Hurricane, right? You remember - dynamite under the driveway, gives directions to confused burglars who just burgled the neighbours house, locks herself IN her new car? Yep - her.

Well - our deal pal Hurricane is sittin' here - right beside me - on the couch - right now. Seriously. Glass of red wine in hand. Cuddled up in her usual spot.

And, the Wife, me and Rona have been chattin away.

During this wee chat of ours, we were discussin' our dear pal Hurricane and her bizarre exploits of the past. And, Scrub was reminded of yet another.

Oh - and, just as a reminder - these tales are all, in fact, quite true. Accurate. Not exaggerated. In any way.

Sooooo.... few years back - ya'll might recall that you could go to yer local trading post and swap out a skin or two for somethin' called a disposable camera.

Great little inventions they are. Grab one. Snap some pics. Take it back to the trading post and whiz-bang... a couple 'a days later... you gots yerself a mitful of photos to remind you of all kindsa fun had.

Hurricane - decided to take advantage of this marvelous invention.

Goes to the trading post. Swaps a skin. Gets herself a camera.

But - and you already knew this was comin. Didn't ya?

She snaps a few pics. And, bein' a disposable camera - chucks it in the bin. "It's a disposable" she thinks to herself. But... the kicker is... SHE IS SHOCKED WHEN SHE GOES TO THE COUNTER AT THE TRADING POST TO FIND THERE ARE NO PICS!

Now... lets just be clear here. The Wife and me - love the gal to bits. She's part of the fam. Been there for some 20 odd years now. Godmother to the Kid. (What were we thinking?) BUT... SERIOUSLY!?!

Holy jumpin' - Scrub needs a drink.

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Anonymous said...

That's the best one yet for our lovable Hurricane & you thought I was strange Mommalou