Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Nope - not today, but the anniversary just passed, so I thought a layout to commemorate the event would be appropriate. On that day, I was playing in a golf tourney with my former employer and knew nothing of what was going on in the outside world. At the end of the tourney, I approached a course employee asking about the location of a bathroom. (The golf chick [a name chosen by herself - hehe] who rides around in the cart serving cocktails was really good to me). Anyway... the person I asked said I'd have to use a tree because there was a blackout all through Ontario. I said - "ya, right" thinking to myself they were frackin' with me because we were a rowdy bunch or something. The person insisted that I couldn't use the washrooms there because without power, their facilities wouldn't work. Frustrated and holding my willy, I phoned the wife via cell phone (and that took a couple of tries to get through) to find out that indeed - the province and possibly a good chunk of the country was in the dark. Weird feeling at that moment.

At home - there was not much to do of course except prepare some food on the camping stove and hang out and enjoy the darkness. It was remarkable - everyone was out helping each other and there was so much comradery.

The city - totally dark. No streetlights; no stoplights working; phones were down; radio stations were running on generators. It was truely and adventure.

A day later - power started coming back here and there and finally - we were back to normal.

So much more to the story - but... this is a blog and not a history book.

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kelseyll said...

That is about the coolest thing I've seen! Probably not to go through...but still! I had a similar experience while in college. I was driving home and coming down a hill on the freeway into the town below in the valley. All I could see were car headlights and police lights running through town...WEIRD! Love this layout!