Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goodbye money.

Yes folks - the wife and I are taking the brat out shopping for school clothes. First - he grows like a weed. There is every possibility that he'll be out of anything we buy by time school starts. But, if we dont go and get something for the kid to wear "now-ish", he'll be naked and then Family and Children's services will get involved and then... well... it would be all just so inconvenient.

So - off to the mall we go. And, while there, we will of course be dragged off to West 49 or some other such store where the pimple faced kids run the joint. I am definitely over 40 yrs of age.

I tell ya - there is nothing more satisfying that complaining wildly. hehehe.

Before venturing off to the great money sucking adventure - I thought I'd finish off a couple of layouts that have been lying around waiting for the final bits on them.

The first - oh so simple.

The second - blast from the past.

The third - makes me concerned about having grandkids early.

I'll report back later, providing I dont have to throw my laptop into hock to pay for socks.


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