Sunday, August 17, 2008

OMG! Look at the time!

Geez - it's 1:13am. Nope - now it's 1:14am. That's what I get for falling asleep on the couch for 45 mins before dinner tonight. Oh - but it was soooo nice!

So - tried to do the bulb thing for the car this morning. The nuts are rusted on TIGHT! Think I am going to have to spray a little Jiggaloo on it and git 'er loosened up. Where the hell do they come up these goofy names of products huh? Jiggaloo... sheesh. Someone was smokin' something 'er other and watching cartoons that day.

The wife, kid and I all did some caching again today (or yesterday if you want to get really technical with me). Did two of them! Got some pics too. Haven't scrapp'd them yet. Hold 'ur horses - I'll get to them. Suffice to say - both adventures successful. The wife found her 1st cache today too! WooHoo! It was a toughie too. Plans for tomorrow (or today if you are STILL getting technical with me) are to hit another one or two of them. Make it a full Geocaching weekend.

I think the kid wants to do a little digital scrapping too. That should be fun. He's a creative sort - cant wait to see what the lad comes up with.

By the way - dinner was BBQ chicken, corn on the cob from Herrle's (the GREATEST corn there is) and some leftover spuds from the other night. Twas yummy.

So was doing some browsing over the net today and came across a quote that made me laugh pretty good. Erma Bombeck spouted this one out and I thought it'd make a fun page.

Now - in all fairness - the kid did do a clean up today and did a pretty good job of it. (although I haven't checked under the bed or in the closet yet. It could all just be shoved in hiding places, right?)

So - yawning away here. Time to hit the sack.

Cheers all.

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