Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's still Thursday!

Hey kids - Thursday night here and all is well. Ahhhh. Chinese food for dinner. The kid played with Bing and Bong most of the evening. Actually got him into bed before midnight! Ya - we have to start winding him down as we only have another week and a half before school starts up again. This'll be a challenge.

I spent some time today trying to do research on how a chap from the UK can get a work visa for here in Canada. I am trying to help this fellow get a job here. My oh my - what a load of gobbeldy-goop there is out there for information. So much to sort through. But, tiz what I get paid for. So - tomorrow morning, back to the hunt again.

Our good friend, Hurricane Rona had her boys here for the summer. I mentioned this once before - the kids that are practically newphews to the wife and I. Anyway - they are heading back to Quebec this weekend, so tomorrow we are all doing lunch together and then taking in some afternoon entertainment at the Buskers festival here in Waterloo. Do a google search for that - it's a great show. Street entertainment, treats, lots to see and do. It's good fun.

I did a layout today to celebrate our friends - Rona, Daniel & Brandon. We're gonna miss you boys - but, will see you again very very soon!!!! We love you lots.

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