Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Wednesday night

Evening boys & girls. It's Wednesday night. The kid is sleeping over at Bing and Bong's place and the wife and I are taking in a couple of more episodes of HEROES.

I had to call the cops today! No kidding. There's a forest in behind our house and this afternoon I heard what sounded like 2 gunshots. Likely some teens popping off an air rifle or perhaps tossing out some heavy duty firecrackers - but with little kids in the neighbourhood who play in that forest - I had no choice but to make the call. Sheesh.

I have been doing quite a few layouts on Geocaching lately - but I kinda want to get caught up on those photos and then start working on others. I also have quite a few pics that are 'vintage' and I am looking forward to some heritage style layouts. On that note - here is a LO of the first cache we ever did.

The kid and I headed out little better than a year ago to find our first cache.

Might hop on again later - might not.


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