Monday, August 18, 2008

Nuclear Wessels

I'm watching Trek IV - The Voyage Home. Checkov just said "nuclear wessels" and I guffawed out loud. hehehe. Anybody ever watch "Futurama"? Yep - cartoons. Welcome to my life. Anyway - just yesterday, there was an episode where Fry squealed with delight when guest voice Walter Koenig had to say that phrase in his Trek Russian accent. HAHAHAHA - the kid and I were gigglin' somethin' fierce when that happened.

And, on the topic of Trek - anyone seen the sneak peek at the new Enterprise for the upcoming movie which has now been bumped back to next year?SWEEEET!

The wife and I have also started watching "Heroes" on DVD - saw the first 3 chapters today. Can't believe we missed out on that show for the past couple of years. Lotsa fun. Cant wait to see more of it.

So - anyone else have boys at home? The kid is 11 and we are the neighbourhood house. So, the house is constantly full of 11 yr old boys - testosteronish and wild. Sheesh. Anyway, the kid has two punk friends called Bing and Bong. No, not their real names of course, but the wife and I couldn't remember their names when the kid started hanging with them and one day, we just called them Bing and Bong. From that point on - that's their names. They have an older brother too - we call him Bang. Bing and Bong - they're good kids. Bing is sleeping over tonight. In fact, truth be told, there are frequently other kids sleeping over. Seems like the wife and I have a family of 4 more often than a fam of 3. That's ok though. We don't mind borrowing other people's brats. The good part: they always go home.

The kid has usurped my desktop computer so I have loaded Photoshop on the laptop here and gave digiscrappin' a whirl on the old girl. Didn't go too badly actually. Little slower - but what the heck. At least I can hang on the couch with a cool refreshing beverage and do my little pasttime. And who doesn't love a cool refreshing beverage?

Did some more Geocaching today - some successful hunts. Others... not so much. It was getting pretty toasty outside though and food was calling. So, gave in and came home. Pics and pages coming up soon.

Here's something I put together while watching Heroes tonight.

Pic of my niece and nephew. Cute, eh?

So - time to grab the diabetes meds and hit the sack. Work tomorrow. Lots of it too. The weekend went by just a little too fast. But... don't they always?

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