Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phew - Much better now

Yes kids - I am all calmed down now. After my rant there, the wife and I had a wee drinky-poo outside on the patio, took in a bit of sunshine, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then did a little 'hangin-out'. So - all is well with the world again.

Time check - 11:25pm. We are taking a peek at CNN right now and watching that monster Gustav make his way towards those poor folks in New Orleans for a repeat of Katrina. Geez. Sometimes - sucks living inland - not much to look at in terms of oceans and mountains and such. But, on the other hand - weather is pretty much consistently moderate. Sure, we get hit with some good snowstorms. Sometimes hurricanes or twisters touch down nearby and with all due respect to those locally that have been affected by such storms - they really aren't what we see on the news in places along Hurricane Alley and such. But, really... it's all pretty calm and sedate 'round here.

The wife just mentioned one of the goofs on Big Brother this summer - Renee. She is from New Orleans and very likely has no idea that Gustav is paying a visit. Her whole family is from there. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, she and another of the house goofballs were talking about Katrina. Geez - hope all is well. She'll go ballistic once she finds out about the storm.

So - on the digital scrapbook front - I am working on a quickpage that hopefully I'll feel good enough about to share. See how that goes. The kid, as you know, is a video game junkie and I have need for a few different pages that feature him 'zoned-out' and totally engrossed in gaming. Simple, but so far, it's lookin pretty good. I'll throw it up with a link as soon as I have it done. Hopefully tomorrow. You'll have to let me know what you think and if it's worthwhile.

That's about it for tonight. Right now - I have to go and get Bing & Bong and the kid ready to bed down for the night. Yes - Bing & Bong are both sleepin over here again. Pretty rare that it's just the 3 of us sleeping in the house through the summer, huh? However - with school starting up on Tuesday... life is going to return to routine very soon.


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