Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Old Soul

Hey Hey - the kid had a good day today! Phew!

He said it was a little weird being the young guy on campus again. After leaving his junior school as the big kid and moving on... yep, that's what happens. He came home smiling though - and that's what's important.

Tuesday's 'round our place are "Kitchen Clean Up" days. (ya - we have a cleaning schedule at home! sheesh) Anyway... so dinner on Tuesday's actually turns out to be a lot of fun. We clear out the fridge and leftovers and such are all up for grabs. Wednesday is garbage day - so we clear everything out to make room for the next week's cast offs. Love Tuesday dinners. Lotsa fun.

After dinner, had to make the trek to the Soccer Association office to register the kid for indoor soccer again this year. (for those reading where snow is not an issue - yep, gotta play soccer indoors through the Winter months) Again, the kid is gonna be a baby with his category this year. Last year, he was not old enough to move to the next level up. This year, as his birthday is late in the year, he is the baby of the Under 14 age group. He's a tough little bugger on the field though - so hopefully he won't get bowled over too badly. Very odd going to see these practices and games now - the boys all have those teen voices happening. The smell is somethin' fierce though. Blech. Parents... you know what I'm talking about.

Now - at almost midnight - I will be taking off to the local 24 hour WalMart to go and pick up the LIST of things that the school sent home today. I even called them last week and they said don't go and get stuff because the teachers all require something different for each class. Not to worry about it. So - note comes home and says we have to get everything together for tomorrow. OMG - I hate bureaucracy!

But before venturing out to take on the midnight WalMart shoppers (they are a frightful bunch!), the wife and I did a little marital scrappin' tonight. She's working on a sketch challenge - card I think. When I peeked at it, she told me not to remember it because it was going to be my anniversary card this weekend. I worked on something a little different.

Took a modern photo and gave it a Heritage spin. Doctored up the pic to rough it up a bit and used pretty traditional Heritage Layout colours and such to make the whole thing look old. The wife and I have always known the kid is an old soul. He seems to have wisdom beyond his years. (Doesn't stop him from running into walls and trees head first though. argh)

Best part of this layout though, I think, is that rather than making the whole thing digital, I included some of my own scribbling which I scanned and inserted into the layout. Yes - it's the tag of course.

Love this layout. Hope you do too.


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