Friday, September 5, 2008

Anna Mae's

Hey kids - here we are - wrapping up a Friday night. The wife and I are hangin' out catching season 2 of Heroes on DVD. Doing a bit of digiscrapping while sitting in front of the boob-tube. The kid's punk friends Bing & Bong are sleepin' over at our place. (yech - Clair, on Heroes is about to cut her toe off). Great viewing, huh?

So, the bro-in-law called tonight and might be signing up for some Gym time. Hopefully with me! It'd be good to have a bud to go with. Makes it so much easier to go when the "mood" just isn't there. Sounds like it'll be a road trip to pain on Sunday. Will let you know, of course.

Oh - have mentioned that I am dropping off the 'happy pills', right? Well, today was day 1 on the lower dosage. My head is pounding, but doing alright otherwise. Look out! I hear the train whistle in the background - the freight train is on it's way! hehehehe. Wife - if you are reading this... make sure your SAFE spot is all set up.

So - for a layout.

Kewl, huh? Went for a drive with the fam a few weeks back to this wonderful little Mennonite restaurant in Listowel, Ontario called ANNA MAE's. All you internationals - catch a flight - take a drive and hit this place. Just be sure to get there about 11:30am if you are going for lunch because as of noon - you wont get in. Then - order the Broasted Chicken. Yes - I typed "Broasted". Trust me - it is to DIE for! Then, order some more to take out and stick it in the fridge for the next day. Coming from the UK? It's worth the 1000 pounds for the flight and $224.95 cab fair from Pearson International Airport. If you do actually come from the UK and decide to go there. Let me know. I'll meet you for a spot of lunch!


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