Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Cannot tell you how tired I am. Both the wife and I. NO - not for THAT reason! Sheesh. You bloggers have filthy minds. It's because of that dreaded WalMart trip I told you about last night. After blogging, sorta hung out with the wife for a bit, then headed up to the store. Well - as I am driving back home at 2:30am(!!!!!), the wife, who had to get up to go to the loo, called me on the cell. So, we kibbitzed for about 5 min 42 seconds, then I pulled in the drive another 3 mins later. We unloaded the bag of goodies for the kid and then, both being WIDE AWAKE at this point, sat and continued to chat for another little while. As 3:30 am rolled around, finally felt like we could hit the sack. I remember the clock turning to 4am. That was about 12 seconds before the alarm went off to get up and start making lunch for the boy. Yep - we were both bagged today. But - for a good cause. Turns out the panic attack last night that the boy had was due to his strong desire to BE READY for school. This morning, the look on his face was pure contentment that he was heading in for the first 'teaching' day fully stocked. Felt good.

Remind you to tell you about my new toy courtesy of my geek buddy up the street when I blog tomorrow!

For now - I leave you with a couple of layouts done. I have mentioned Bing and Bong - the kid's punk friends. Two layouts feature Bing - the older of the two. (the third brother, and the eldest who is late teens - we call him Bang.) Bing is a good kid. VERY polite. Not quite Eddy Haskell polite - but damn'd near close. (age showing through here - those of you nodding in understanding of that reference - yep... you know what I am talking about)


This layout is titled after the name of the Geocache we did with Bing (his first) - "My Brother". Appropriate, as the kid points out, as Bing is very much his brother from another mother.

Awww - aint that sweet?

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