Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yes - Thursday. Only minutes left until Friday. WooHoo!

Bupkus to report from today. The kid came home from school all happy because he got "lots of hugs" today from GIRLS! Yikes - the lad is in Gr.7! So, little father-son time and hopefully... we dont get phone calls from the school.

Went to the parent's place tonight to do a little computer fixing. Nasty little bug crawled it's way into their system. But, couple of hours and a can of RAID - all is clear. While there, I was browsing through some photo albums that Mom had set out for me to look at. As you might recall, the wife and I lost everything in a fire a couple of years ago, including photos of the kid as a wee fart. So - a flood of memories as I was browsing the pages. Brought the album home for the wife to look at as well. Garsh... how time flies. And, how the wife and I have aged! LOL!!! That's what kids will do to you I guess. Sorry Mom & Dad!

Two layouts tonight. The kid and his brat bud in the pic have been friends since before Junior Kindergarten! And, pretty much since then, the two of them have gone to school together on the first day. This year, as you can see, was no different.

The second layout - just a little bit of fun while at the brother-in-law's place this past weekend. I always seem to snap a pic of the wife as she is cocktailing. I try and keep the evidence of my vices low profile. *grin.

Happy Friday all!
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