Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labour Day weekend wrap.

WooHoo! The day has finally come! The kid goes back to school tomorrow! *Scrubbie sings to KC & the Sunshine Band: "Cel-e-brate good times, come'on!" *grin

Yes, and the boy is excited to go back as well. New school. Middle School. Junior High. Whatever you want to call it. The point is: there are no Kindergarten kids there. This is what he is most happy about.

Today - went to my Brother-In-Law's place. We shall call him JR. His wife, Dutchie and the two - well, cant call them rugrats 'cause JR just put new hardwood floors down in place of carpeting. Ok.. we shall call them Dancer and Whoagun. Cant use real names - right!? (duh - just look at the layouts). Anyway - our last BBQ of "summer" at JR & Dutchie's - burgs, sausages, corn on the cob. Couple of cool refreshing bevvies. Couple of dogs running amok. Good times. The out-laws were there too. Mama-Lou and Pop.

Whoagun took some time to show me the ropes of the Wii's Mario Super Sluggers baseball game. For a little fart - he was doing really well. For an old fart - I didn't do too badly either. We had fun. But, the highlight for me with the little critter was when Whoagun dug in deep to his watermelon. Nothin like a kiddie going to town on watermelon, is there? Juice dripping down his chin. Big grin. Workin' it down to the rind. So - came home, downloaded the pics and put together this layout. I know Dutchie will be itchin' to get her hands on the pics to do a paper layout of the same.

There ya go kids - that's a wrap for this Labour Day weekend. Mine was good. How was yours?


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