Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey - Mr. Cormier... remember me? LOL

Here we are 31 years later, and I am just now figuring out they spelled St.Agnes wrong! Luckily, I passed Mr. Cormier's spelling class.

You can see why the wife fell in love with Scrubbie, eh kids? Good Lookin'! WooHoo.

Yes, Yes... wrapping up a Sunday night. The remnants of Hurricane Ike came a'wanderin' through the southern Ontario area tonight. Not much umph left in the old bugger though. We did get pretty wet and the winds blew slightly. Of course, the kid was panicking because he thought that what came ashore in the US was going to be full force coming here. I tell ya... that kid of ours...

1/4 dosing of the Happy Pills goes well. Headaches have eased off a little bit. This is good news! And, I actually slept for a little better than 6 hours last night. Also... very good news. I still haven't done bodily harm to anyone. Again... good news. If I keep this up, I'll have to grab myself a very large hero cookie and celebrate soon!

The wife got a new 'do' today. She's lookin HOT. HOT I TELL YOU! I'll have to grab a candid pic to post. If she knows I am taking one for the blog - oh, there'll be hell to pay.

Finishing off tonight's rant - one more LO for you to enjoy. This one is pretty good. Dad's parents - Nana & Grandad Scrubbie. Not sure of the dates of the pics as yet. Have to poke dad in the ribs to find out. But - I managed to pull together a couple of pictures that show them in the early days and one in the not so early days. This layout is either wonderful because it is a shining beacon to the enduring love of a couple that lasts years and years. OR - it is a horrible reminder of what having kids does to you. You decide.

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