Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

Hey Scrubs - how goes tonight?

Just got home from babysittin' the Niece and Nephew - known here as The Dancer and Whoagun.

A night filled with Nintendo Wii, Webkins (that's a marketing genius, right there.), couple 'a board games and other tyical babysittin' stuff. Good times. Digipage featuring The Dancer for ya. She looks laid back here -but, let me tell ya boys & girls - I am pretty sure JR and Dutchie drugged her sippy cup for the pic, because typically - Dancer is a fireball! LOL!

And on the note of typical... today was another Saturday that was fairly typical - housework, lumping around a little, just here and there. I kinda like it like that.

Hey - a shout out to some of the digi-scrappers who have taken a few moments to shoot me off a quick message! It was great hearing from you and thanks oodles for throwin' Uncle Scrubbie into your bookmarks and watch lists! Quite an honour to be included in the digi-fam! Scrubs - if you wanna check out some digi sites - well worth takin a peek at these blogs that are in Scrubbie's Bookmarks! (Tammy) (Kristine - another hoot to read) (Nikki - my writing doppleganger)

Kids - gotta run. The scrappin computer in the engine room is a'calling my name right now. Blogging is done on the laptop. Don't ask me why. Just another scrubbie thing. Not worth explaining. And, really - who cares.

Oh - the blog title - doesn't have anything to do with the post. Just thought it was catchy.



Anonymous said...

Well here I am again trying to get this down right in sending a comment as you very well know I am not comp literate. So I am here to say that I love your blog (not that you need my approval)and now I can see what goes on in the scrubbies household. Luv Mamalou

Silvia said...

Hi there...thanks for downloading my frame and leaving a comment...its my first time on your blog and thought I leave you some luv...

Greetings from Germany