Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Blog blog blog blog. Ya know - it would be GREAT is this beastie was interactive. There is tons I could tell you about. Not sure if you are here for the words or the pics or both. Well - suck it up buttercup. You cant have one without the other. *grin Just the highlights you say - ok. Here it comes:

1. Head chief at Maple Leaf Foods - Mike... you are doing a great job with the food safety thing. Keep it up.
2. I hate politics. For the non-locals... like rats from a ship, Prime Minister Steve has told us we are all heading to the polls in a month. (You U.S.'ers are probably thinking..."a month? what the hell - our elections take 3.5 years! How do you know how and who to vote for?) Answer: we Canucks pretty much just vote for the guy we hate the least and hope for the best. Welcome to Canada, eh.
3. Taking my LAST HAPPY PILL tonight - in about 14 minutes as a matter of fact. Wish me luck.
4. I bought pudding today at the grocery store. mmmmm - love pudding. Love saying "pudding". I mean, c'mon... really... who doesn't love saying "pudding". On sale too. You cant go wrong with pudding. (Jell-O also on sale. Grabbed 10 of them)
5. I cut the grass today. And the neighbours grass today. Blah.
6. Found out today that the wife's Great Grandfater, a dozen times over, was born early 1600's in Switzerland of all places! No wonder the wife yodels in the shower instead of sings. Explains it all. Thinking about buying a swiss miss outfit for the wife. Dang - that'd look kewl.
7. Loving the wife more than words can say.
8. Did up a girly page today. A REALLY girly page. Kinda makes me nauseous a little bit, it's so girly. Think I'll go and drink a beer, sit in my undershorts and watch a hockey game or somethin.

Wow - pudding and yodelling - all in one blog. Why go anywhere else. Ya'll can go and enjoy your day now.

Yodelling... hehehe... still makes me laugh.


Margaret said...

Scrubbie, you crack me up!

It's the writing.

Karen said...

OMG.... Mr D, You are a glorious piece of work!! hehehe
Thanks for the chuckle. Looking forward to seeing you today IRL. Have to make mental note not to give you any blogging inspiration (I must supress any yodel insticts!) HAHA

Matahati Designs said...

This is my first time reading your blog and you cracked me up!! LOL!

Aww don't feel nauseous now for scrapping a girlie page! ROFL. It looks great BTW. I'm sure your little girl loves it :)