Friday, September 19, 2008

It's all in the Genes.

Hey boys & girls - Scrubbie checkin' up on you on a Friday night. Whasssssup?

Kids - the wife and I are just havin' oodles of fun at the moment. We are in the engine room here doing the scrap thing. She just finished a great card with... oh, whaddya call that stuff... OH YA - Paper. (Tree killer. *snicker) Just kiddin' ya there hunny bun.

We have been listening to music for the past few hours. And, the tunes are cookin'! (If the kid was playing the music at the volume we have it right now - we'd be stompin on the floor yelling TURN IT DOWN! LOL) But - the kid is at Bing & Bong's place tonight doing the sleepover thing - so the wife and I are footloose and fancy free! WooHoo! C;mon - you know how it is.

Layout for ya: my Niece Kiara. AINT SHE 'THE BOMB'!!! I know - cute as hell. Thanks cuzin Sonya for bringin' the wee darlin' into the world. (BTW - she looks EXACTLY like Nana Scrubbie - Mamma Scrubbie's mom. Kinda eerie actually).

I gotta say thanks tons to all the visitors to the blog. The electronic playground here has been a busy place of late. UK, South Africa, Belgium, USA, Canucks everywhere, Portugal and a whack of other spots. Gee willekers kids - thanks for comin' by! Scrubbie's blushin' right now.

The wife was whining a little bit that I was getting some traffic and I wasn't takin' the time to mention her blog and website. I told her that I would MENTION it only. IN A PINCH DESIGNS. I am not an advertiser. And, now she is askin what it's gonna take to get a link. Hmmmmm....

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