Monday, September 15, 2008

The new Punk Friend - Matt.

Hey boys & girls - hope all is well!

Delightful Monday today. Not much happened that required a ton of thinking! Just the way Monday's should be, huh?

Kid came home with homework today. Looks like Grade 7 is officially underway.

Met one of the kids new punk friends yesterday. Matt - seems like a decent kid. Very polite. Good lookin'. He and the kid just mesh like PB&J. Glad to see him making new friends. Punk friend Matt - gets a mean case of the giggles. We all were killing ourselves laughing. Had him stay for dinner with us - sorta the "grill you and get to know you" dinner. Lots and lots of fun.

Scrubbie has to get out the pots and pans soon. I haven't done any fun cooking for a while. All been hum-drum stuff. You know... the kind of basic food that keeps the family alive but doesn't really have any wow to it. So - going on the hunt for some new things to make. I'll keep you posted of anything good.

New layout for you to see. Pappa Scrubbie, my dad, as a tot with his mommy. That is a helluva pic, huh?

So apart from ice cubes forming on my eyelashes right now, and my hands so cold they are shrivelled up and having a hard time finding the right keys to hit on the 'ol puter here... everything is good. Did I mention that it got really cold?

Time to find the comfy blankies and crawl into bed. Cheers.

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