Monday, October 6, 2008

Denny Crane, Scrubbie and Tylenol. Yep - it's a mish-mash.

Hey kids... Don't ya just love the show Boston Legal!? The wife and I do. We find ourselves just a'grinnin each and every time we get to catch it. Denny Crane, Allan Shore and the rest of the whackballs - yes - this is TRULY great escapist television.

And on the topic of boob tube viewing... Heroes was on tonight. Dang - a great show. ahhhhhh - we do enjoy hangin with a cuppa tea and catching some good entertainment to wind down a day.

Tonight - the kid had his Soccer skills assessment for the winter season. He plays Indoor Soccer through the winter. (Yes... International readers - we canucks do enjoy a wee bit of frozen fluffy white stuff here through the winter months so for us Soccer junkies, or Football for the UK'ers, we gotta go indoors to play with our balls.) *giggle

Update on Scrubbie's cold: Blech - it's still here - full and furious. Aches, sniffles, runny nose, fever. Yep - I got it all. Ya see... it's like this. The kid went back to school 4 weeks ago. EACH and EVERY year, the little buggers after sharing all their germs and bugs for a couple'a weeks in school - all come home week 3 sick. Seriously. Even talked to the teachers when I went on that school trip last week. It's true. Then - they all get better BUT then the parents all get sick. So - there ya go. Now you know.

So - why the wintery layout? Oh - why the heck not. I have some photos from today that I wanted to post - but the truth is I ache all over and just dont have the umph to get down to the engine room to upload the pics from the camera. Maybe tomorrow.

Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada this week coming up. Guess who's doin' the Turkey dinner? Yep - Scrubbie's cookin up a storm this weekend for my side. The Out-Laws are next weekend. Good thing here: LOTS of holiday pics to scrap! hehehehehe

Tylenol Cold... here I come. (Hurricane Rona thinks it's best to wash down the cold meds with a good shot or 10 of whiskey. Uhhhhhhhhh - no.)


Kristine said...

I will admit that I love Denny and amazes me how Denny's brain works..LOL

I fried my brain last night in front of the tube watching Californication...seriously screwed up people but it cracks me up none the less...David Duchovney just kills hasnt been the same since the Sopranos went off the air..LOL

Judy B said...

Hey DArren, just love Heroes myself!! Great show and it gets better with every episode!! It's hard to know who is good or bad anymore!!! Lovin the layout of my boys and Jay!!! Have always loved that pic!!!