Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sing it with me kids...


Let's see - back in the 80's I'd be already dippin' into the sauce. Gettin' my hair glued vertically in place. Smearin' on just the right amount of eyeliner for a new wave kinda dude, wafting the cologne on so as to attract the right kinda mate and gettin' ready with the pals to hit the dance clubs.

Fast forward to 2008.

I am sittin on my butt in the living room, blogging on the laptop and whining about my sore back after spending the day cooking, cleaning out the car, doing housework and battling the Thanksgiving weekend shoppers at my local grocery store.

My - how things change. *grin

So - 14 hours after waking up this morning - mashed spuds are ready, yams are cooked, carrots are blanched, turkey is done, pies are baking in the oven, cutlery is polished - yep... just about ready to entertain the fam tomorrow. Now all I need is valium. And, we're good to go.

Wife ain't too happy at the moment. Personal reasons. Ladies - can you relate? So - SALTY potato chips (crisps for you UK'ers) at the ready. Chocolate standing by. Advils plated and ready to be down'd. Comfy blankie and a movie. This is S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night at Scrubbie's place.

A quick side note here boys & girls. About the LO that I posted here tonight. Quite the pic, isn't it? Ya know - every now and then, I see a photo that just sorta brings me to the ground. That is one of them. Grandpappy Scrubbie with the kid when he was still dryin' out.

And, seeing him cradling the boy like that just reminds me that lunatic shoppers at the local grocery store, Thanksgiving day turkey, mashed spuds, cooked yams, blanched carrots and polished cutlery don't really mean a helluva lot in the grand scheme of things.


Carjazi said...

I'm really not sure if it's a sad thang that I could actualy sing the Bay City Rollers with you. But thanks for the trip down memory lane to the 80's.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Found your blog yesterday from Da Wench's (Kristine)blog and had a great time killing time at work reading it. Looking forward to more posts.

Kristine said...


Mrs. Scrubbie...I ama salt fiend too when my personal issues bother me...potato chips ALL the way baby!!!! LOL

Mr. was a lovely LO of your son...brings life all into perpective on this fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Raising my glass to you and your family this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog everyday and I especialty enjoyed today's You are very special Mr Scrubbie Love

Kathie said...

well I'm still laughing my head off!!! You are one funny bloke!! Yes I am an aussie scrapping lady. From the East coast, Seymour is my town and its in the state of Victoria!! I am so glad to see another male that cooks!! My husband needs to look at your site and then he may take up scrapping as well!! Thanks heaps for the insight! Have a great week.
Love Kathie