Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Signs, Signs... everywhere there's signs.

Morning Kids.

Scrubbie's feeling a little better today - thank-you.

I said I had some pics from yesterday that I wanted to share - here's one.

Ahhhhh - yes. The old familiar sight of the sign-guy standing there holding the almighty STOP/SLOW sign. It's that sign that we all have to obey. We do so instinctively. It's kinda like it is part of our human genome now. Our children are born with the ability to STOP or go SLOW built right into them. We don't even have to teach them that now. Sorta like eating. As a species - we not only have FIGHT or FLIGHT, we also have STOP or SLOW.

And, by examining the picture closely - you will see that there, waaaaaaayyy off in the distance is the problem. Paving one side of the road. So the single car that was up there has to come through almost a kilometer (0.621371192 miles) of going really SLOW before our sign guy will change that almighty billboard from STOP to SLOW for us. It was taking FOREVER!

Here's my issue. It was a glorious day here in South-Western Ontario Canada. A really scrubbie-rific kinda day. Autum was in it's full splendour. It was warm outside but with that gentle fall crispness in the air. You could "smell" autumn. That soft whisp of the leaves falling. Colours blazing through the trees. The first signs of comfy sweaters coming out. Yes boys & girls - if you ever needed a reason to wake up in the morning or to make a trip from Ireland or Poland or Bulgaria - just coming to SW Ontario at this time of year will bring the life back into your spirit and make you realize how wonderful each day truly is.


At the time of this picture being taken... I REALLY HAD TO GO PEE.


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Kristine said...

This post made me laugh out loud!!!! I JUST got home from Hamilton where they are doing construction (replacing hydro poles)...3 miles of stop/slow soon as I got home to Cayuga, I came barrelling into the house just to go to the bathroom....those guys sure take their own sweet time dont they?!