Monday, October 6, 2008

She'sssss baaaaack!

Yes kids - the Wife is back! Yahoo!

Lunatic dog is happy again. The Kid is happy again. And, you have a happy Scrubbie again. All is well in the Scrubbie pad.

The wife and her scrappy pal Judy did well with In A Pinch Designs this weekend in Peterborough. Sold lots. Much accolade. Yep - they came home a'grinnin'. Way to go gals!

Like the LO? Lotsa 'white space". I like it. And the kid - damn'd good lookin. This is officially his pose now. Hard to get him to do anything else.

Another fall day. Another work day. Scrubbie's got lots on his plate. Have to get busy. Apparently, Scrubbie did NOT win the lottery this past weekend. Go figure, huh.

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