Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Open mouth. Insert foot. Or keyboard, as the case may be.

Hey there Scrubaroos! Whasssup?

The kid came home today with punk friend Matt. (I have taken to calling him MUTT instead of Matt. hehehe. Kid gets a kick out of it) I will say it again - seems like a helluva decent kid. I like him. Rare for Scrubbie. Bing, of Bing and Bong fame, was over tonight as well. Another decent kid. Very polite. Always Mr and Mrs Scrubbie. Please and Thank-you's all around. Not quite Eddy Haskell, but damn'd near close.

Hey - wanna hear somethin' that is makin' Scrubbie just snicker to himself BIG TIME? The kid and ALL his punk friends at school are getting their Grade 7 immunization shots at school on Friday. BIG GRIN. I just love watchin' them all squirm as they ramp each other up with tales of older brothers and sisters enduring 11.5 inch long, 4 inch diameter barrels being bored into their arms - blood squirting and gushing everywhere... oh, and what about that kid last year that died right there on the hallway floor! LOLOLOL. Yep - I somehow gotta sneak in to the school this Friday to snap up a pic or two of the action!

Ya know - not much to report at all from today. Worked. Ran errands. Paid my TV and Internet bill. (double blech). But, did manage to squeeze in a scrappin' moment. Niece and Nephew showcasing tonight. One you haven't met before either. My brother's daughter. Cute as a button.

Scrubbie health update: still some sniffles, bit of a headache - but I think the cold is behind me. Phew. Now - the Wife has it. *evil grin LUCKILY for Scrubbie - she didn't get it from me. She and gal pal Judy are both feelin' the pangs and I certainly wasn't smoochin' with the Judester. I mean - love her to bits. She is gorgeous. And, she has these "hooker boots" that just.. well... lets just give her a big WooHoo for those. Guys - you know the boots I'm talkin' about, right? (She is absolutely DYIN right now readin' this, I'm sure). BUT - the Wife - the only snuggly muffin for me. (blech - getting cavities reading this it is so sickly sweet.) Scrubbie has successfully dug himself a grave here. Where the hell is that delete key?


Kyra said...

Hello Scrubbie,

Come to my blog on today's post to pick up an award. Think you deserve it , you make me laugh when I read your posts!
Lots of greetings,

Kristine said...


I can just picture you sneaking in to the school to get picture of the needle torutre!!! LOL

That vision will Keep me going all day! :P

Have a good day! Hope Mrs. Scrubbie feels better soon!!

Judy B said...

OK Scrubbie...You crack me up. I must say that I am going to have to do a layout about my boots. I just love them...Have always wanted a pair...And now I have them.